Talent and Knowledge Congress

Talent and Knowledge Congress

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Talent Knowledge Congress Sponsorship Options

Why become a sponsor?

The Talent Knowledge Congress sponsor companies are leading a unique project that connects the whole community making the management of talent and knowledge possible, with the aim of becoming the largest open innovation market in the world.

The democratisation of talent and knowledge management is key currently and in this technologically accelerated world, which is why the country's leading companies are joining us on this path, sponsoring all the events we hold throughout the country, actively participating at the conferences and taking the lead at the Talent & Knowledge Congress.

Every day more companies are joining Talent & Knowledge. If you are a leading company in your sector, interested in attracting and retaining Talent, Knowledge Management, the latest trends in innovation, the assessment of Intangibles and Financing, your place is at the Talent & Knowledge Congress!

Advantages of becoming a sponsor

  • Placement of your logo in the following places:

- Website pages.
- Photo call, Roll Ups, Screens and projectors at all events.
- Presence in the media (TV news, written press, TV programmes, social networks, reports, etc.)
- Logo in streaming broadcasts and in all the edited videos arising from the events.

  • Participation at all the events organised throughout the year.
  • Provision of an exhibition space at the Talent & Knowledge Fair.
  • Brand placement together with the Talent, the Innovation and the Knowledge.
  • Participation in reports, interviews and debates.
  • Invitations for all events.
  • Participation with the Talent & Knowledge Management Chair.

Sponsorship formats

There are 4 levels of sponsorship, ordered according to the degree of visibility and prominence at events, with the possibility of adapting each sponsorship to the strategic objectives of the company.

Silver - Gold - Platinum - Diamond

At congress organisation, we collaborate with companies to develop customised sponsorship plans, to achieve the maximum return, generating quantifiable business opportunities.

Contact us to receive information on the distinct levels of sponsorship!

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