Talent and Knowledge Congress

Talent and Knowledge Congress

Manresa Talent Knowledge Summit

Manresa Talent Knowledge Summit
Summit & Networking's Launch

The Manresa Talent Knowledge Summit is the meeting place for pioneering organizations that want to adapt to the new times and want to grow in this changing and highly competitive environment.

During the day, the conclusions of the Talent Knowledge Congress will be presented and the latest business trends that SMEs must apply to continue generating value and grow in this changing environment will be explained. International leaders in knowledge management and leaders of local companies will participate in the event.

At this time when everything is changing faster and faster, in the midst of the most uncertain scenarios in history, we find ourselves before a business model that bursts into force, in full digital transformation of organizations, marking yet another turning point to provide attention to the human factor, changing strategies, structures and modifying processes, but above all focusing on innovation, intangibles and especially on the talent of people.

Now the value is in the employees, innovation and intangibles that are the real engine for organizations to be much more efficient, sustainable and above all competitive.



October 19th. 2022  |  10:00 - 13:00 h

Oller del Mas
Carretera de Igualada C37Z, km 91, 08241, Manresa

Summit & Networking's Launch
19/10/2022 10:00
Summit & Networking's Launch, pre-sales before September 15
19/10/2022 13:00