Talent and Knowledge Congress

Talent and Knowledge Congress

Premis Talent 2022

The Talent Awards reach their eighth edition with the delivery of awards that recognize thirty projects, people and companies, in the field of innovation and creativity applied to economic and social sectors of the country. The awards ceremony will take place throughout the day on December 20 at the headquarters of the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona, ​​where the winners will be able to share their processes and projects with businessmen, entrepreneurs and creative people.

The 30 Talent Awards recognize innovation in the economic, scientific and technological, humanistic and social, sustainable and cultural and artistic fields. Each of these blogs and the prizes they include will be awarded during a continuous gala that will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the same day, and in which the president of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat, Miquel Rey, will participate. of Eurecat, the Director General of Innovation of the Department of Education, Joan Cuevas, and the journalist and patron Tatxo Benet, among others.


Tatxo Benet
Tatxo Benet
Journalist and Businessman