Talent and Knowledge Congress

Talent and Knowledge Congress

Reus Impulsa Talentum 2023

On April 14, the second Reus Impulsa Talentum Summit will be held, a key event for the attraction and loyalty of talent in the territory. This year we will focus on the circular economy and sustainability, the event will be attended by experts in the field, who will share their experiences and knowledge on how to attract and retain talent in the context of the circular economy.

In addition, we will have the presence of leading companies in these sectors, who will tell us about their innovative projects and how they are addressing current and future challenges. There will also be time for networking and the exchange of ideas, a unique opportunity to establish contacts and generate synergies between professionals in the sector.

Some of the topics that will be addressed at the event include:

  • Strategies to identify, attract  and retain talent in the context of the circular economy and sustainability.
  • Innovative projects in these sectors and how they can contribute to attracting talent
  • Best practices in talent management and employee loyalty
  • Opportunities and challenges of the circular economy, and how to address them effectively

Reus Impulsa Talentum Summit is a very good opportunity to learn first-hand about current trends and challenges in attracting and retaining talent in the context of the circular economy and sustainability.


Eva Garrell
Eva Garrell
Director of Projects in Sustainable Consulting
Generalitat de Catalunya
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