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Jaume Sanpera

Sateliot: CEO and Co-Founder

Jaume Sanpera is Co-Founder and CEO of Sateliot, the first telecommunications operator that will provide global IoT connectivity under the 5G protocol. The launch of the first of the nanosatellites that will form the Sateliot constellation took place on March 22, 2021 from Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Experienced CEO with a huge background in the Telecommunications industry, Jaume Sanpera is a classic of the country's technological entrepreneurship. Founder of several companies, mainly in the telecommunications sector, creator of a business group with a wide international presence such as Eurona (first satellite operator in Europe to go public in 2010), Ambientum, (leader of the environmental sector in Spain) Cidec , Technotrends, Pistachio, etc.

His consolidation as an entrepreneur and CEO expert in the Telecommunications industry has made him a figure with a large presence in the Media, forums and other information and dissemination platforms.

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