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Elena Barraquer Compte

Fundación Elena Barraquer: President

A member of one of the most prestigious ophthalmologist sagas in the world, Elena Barraquer fell in love with her grandfather and her father’s profession “because I saw them enjoying their work”. That was the seed of what would end up being a medical and solidarity vocation that knows no limits and has made her one of the most internationally renowned figures in the field of cooperation.

Elena Barraquer Compte (Barcelona, ​​​​May 30, 1954) is a Spanish ophthalmologist specialized in cataract surgery and cornea transplant.

In 2012 it was recognized as the Barcelona Medal of Honor and in 2018 it was recognized as the Queen Sophia Spanish Institute award in its Excellence Awards category.

In 2017, she created the Elena Barraquer Foundation to continue the expeditions to Africa to operate cataracts that she had been carrying out since 2004 when the Barraquer Foundation was created.

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