Talent and Knowledge Congress

Talent and Knowledge Congress

Ferran Fisas

Culinary Institute of Barcelona CIB: Founder and President

International consultant, expert in people empowerment processes.

Born in Gerona, married with two children. He is a student of anthropology applied to the design of products and strategies for human behavior. He has undertaken international projects in sectors as diverse as audiovisual, television, music, advertising, graphic arts, restaurants, hotels and especially in technology and the Internet.

Ferran is co-owner, with his family, of the Forge of which he has been a member of its business and family government. He is the author of the book "Survival Manual for the Family Business" in which he narrates the process of creating and implementing "La forja" for the new generations of his own family.

He has published innumerable articles and is an international lecturer on the processes of evolution and paradigmatic change, the rules of survival in family businesses, their most common dangers and mistakes, and on ways to approach medium- and long-term strategy to achieve success.

He is a partner and consultant at EXAUDI FBC (Houston, USA) from where he leads the development program for new generations NEXTgen. He is founder and president of the Culinary Institut of Barcelona where he applies disruptive teaching methodologies that have made this school an example of a paradigm of educational innovation throughout the world.

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